Levels Creative Services officially launched in August, 2017 in Auckland, while completing Micah's first Shopify website PapierHQ for a client outside of the family business. Micah qualified as a Shopify Expert and Partner in 2017 and was selected and completed the Shopify Accelerator Course later that year. In 2019 she was a Shopify Unite Fund Recipient, where Shopify's COO Harley Finkelstein spoke about Levels in his opening keynotes in the Canadian Shopify Conference. After meeting some amazing ladies at the same conference, they co-created the Shopify Women's Network. A group designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands online. Micah has completed more than 50 Shopify websites and hundreds of other creative projects.

▫️ 15+ Years in Graphic Design, Writing & Film Production.

▫️ 15 Years in Marketing, Social Media & Client Management.

▫️ 12+ Years in Ecommerce & Website Development (Plus a Shopify User Since 2011).

▫️ Master of Arts (M.A.) with Distinction & a Qualified Shopify Expert/Partner.

▫️ Co-Founder of The Shopify Women's Network Linkedin Group which has over 2500 members

Founder & Multipotentialite Micah Puklowski

"From Conception to Completion"

Addicted to Movies, Wanderlust, Photography, Traveling, Psychology & her Labrador Theo: @theos_lab_life

▫️ An Eternal Optimist | NZ Made

▫️ Always Learning, Always Growing

▫️ Photography Portfolio: @micahpuklowski

▫️ A Minimalist & Tiny House Owner/Designer: @tinyfreedoms

▫️ Resides in Raglan, New Zealand, by the Sea.