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By Micah Puklowski

Simply Italian (

With this website I used a Pixel Union Theme and their Wholesale Club app to create a wholesale/ retail e-commerce website for Simply Italian. This gave them the ability to sell directly to the public with retail pricing and then have their wholesale buyers log into the same site, but to see the correct wholesale pricing.

We imported all their customer details to make it as smooth as a transition as possible. Requiring Simply Italians clients to only need to login in and create a new password. Once that was done, that could check their details and order as usual.

Using wholesale club, meant we could set up different levels of pricing, discounts or sales terms for each specific client, or groups of clients. Giving Simply Italian the ability to offer 14 day or monthly invoicing (as in the past.) The client adds a selection of products to their cart and checkout as normal, but, without paying, getting confirmation and then this process, lets Simply Italian, check stock, add GST and the correct shipping costs, before confirming the order for shipment.

This website also uses a Stockist Store Locator app, using Google Maps API to have a live and up to date stockist list, which consumers can look up the closet store near them by postal code, city, country or by searching a specific address.

We used the blog function to create a place for trade show updates and we spent a long time making sure we got great product photos to give us the best product images for such small and detailed products such as jewellery.

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