Made with Respect (

By Micah Puklowski

Made with Respect (

With Made with Respect the goal was to migrate, update and re-brand the original business Me Me & Co, (which was an eDepartment store for small batch luxury brands from around the world, with an appreciation of craftsmanship) to Made with Respect (MWR).

We helped with every aspect of design, creating a new shopify website, logo, colour palette and cohesive social media branding to bring everything together.

The challenges within this website were logistically bringing over 200 brands (with hundreds of products) from countries all around the world into one website, that felt like one brand, who cared about sustainability, quality and craftsmanship. We decided to use a Mega Menu app, to give us more options on how we sorted our navigation. After testing countries and continents, we finally decided on brands and collections. (Thus giving us the best of both, the brand name and location and categories of what we sold, eg, Fashion, Self-Care, Home and Outdoor. Then each of those categories could be broken down into more specific collections, such as Self-Care = Women's Skincare and Men's Grooming. etc This helps the customer find things they are looking for, even when they don't know what that is!

We decided on including a brand story for each business that joined the movement, so the consumers could learn all about the products they were buying and from whom, without leaving Made with Respect. (Remembering that most brands already had their own website and social media.)

We also spent many hours re-sizing and templating product images, so that no matter what brand they came from, they felt cohesive over the entire website, including how they line up on the page and mixed collections.

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